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Best Finishing Materials

In this article, We will discuss finishing materials and how to  select the best for your home to get the best value, durability and to avoid facing problems in the future.

ما هي أفضل خامات للمطابخ

What are the best materials for kitchens

To choose the best kitchens materials for your home. You will consider some factors. The first factor is your interior design style and colors mood board. if you have chosen the classic style. So, you can go for wooden kitchens – acrylic kitchens – PVC – kitchens – HPL Kitchens – HDF kitchens – acrylic kitchens. But, make sure to select the color that matches your colors mood board.

The second factor that you have to consider is your life style. If you have a modern life style with light usage of your kitchen. You can choose any kind of materials. But, if your life style tends to have a heavy duty usage of your kitchen. Then, be careful. the wooden kitchens will no be the right choice for you. Acrylic and PVC kitchens will work fine with you. As, you need materials to resist water and scratches on your kitchen top. In this style of life don’t go for Corian countertop. You can choose marble or granite countertop materials but, make sure that you have selected a solid with maximum scratch resistance ones. 

Conclusion : 

With light to medium kitchen’s usage, choose any of the above materials for kitchen cabinets and countertops. 

For heavy duty kitchen’s usage, go for granite or marble tops and try to avoid wooden and HDF materials for cabinets.

أفضل خامات الأرضيات

What are the best Marble for floors finishing

To choose the best floors materials for your home. You will consider some factors. The first factor is your interior design style and colors mood board. 

According to your budget, you can choose among wide range of materials. And, here we will discuss marble materials.

Marble floors are elegant and luxurious and suitable for both classic and modern designs. Marble is relatively costly. So, if you a have enough budget, marble will be a good choice for your living rooms, entrance halls, corridors, kitchens and bathrooms. One more thing about marble. Cheaper marbles have low quality and you will suffer later with it in you home. Unless you are lucky if you are located in a place in which good marbles are not relatively costly.

You can use marble in floors and wall cladding considering the following notes:

Make sure that you have selected a solid marble.

Make sure that you have used water repellent substance on marble surface.

Make sure that marble joins are filled well with a grouting materials that matches marble’s base color.

For marble wall cladding, use a mechanical installation method in addition to the admixture one.