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Professional Execution Course

Finishing Materials


A professional diploma to learn execution of interior finishing works, quantity survey, pricing analysis and preparation of SPECS sheet.

For whom?

Engineers and interior designers.

Diploma Outlines

Execution of interior finishing works

دورات ديكور

Execution of interior MEP works

دورات ديكور

Finishing materials quantity survey

دورات ديكو السعودية

Pricing analysis

Preparation of SPECS sheet

دورة تنفيذ أعمال التشطيبات

Before We Start

Shop drawings explanation

دورات تصميم داخلي

Enineering concepts

دورات تصميم داخلي


دورات تصميم داخلي

Part 1 - Execution of interior finishing works





Walls construction and plaster coats

دورات تصميم داخلي

Hollow block


Light weight blocks


Rush coat

Plaster coat

Plaster fixtures



Marble finishes

دورات تصميم داخلي

Vertical installation

Horizontal installation

Mechanical Instalation

Porcelain and ceramic finishes

دورات تصميم ديكور في السعودية

Vertical installation

Horizontal installation


MDF & HDF flooring

دورات تصميم السعودية

Gypsum board works

دورات تصميم السعودية

Vertical partitions installation

Ceiling installation


Water based paint finishes

دورة خامات التشطيبات

Application over concrete and plaster surfaces

Application of gypsum surfaces

Finishing techniques

Part 2 - Executive quantity survey

Calculation of the executive materails quantities (Part 1 works materials) using excel

Part 3 - Execution of MEP works

Electrical works

Water lines works

Low voltage air conditioning works

ديكور أرابيا

Part 4 - Pricing analysis

Direct cost calculation equation

Indirect cost calculation equation

Profit margin calculation equation

Price calculation

دورة تأسيس الأعمال

Part 5 - SPECS sheet

دورة تنفيذ أعمال التشطيبات

Diploma information

Instructor  : Engineer Mohamed AL Refaei CEO of Decor Arabia


Lectures start date : 31/1/2023

Lectures end date : 9/3/2023

Number of lectures : 17 lectures

Lectures days : Sunday – Tuesday – Thursday , weekly

Lectures time : 7:00 PM Saudi Arabia local time – 1.5 hours lecture time

Diploma fees : 305 USD (Fees can be paid in 2 instalments) 

Reservation : from the website and for local payment methods please contact us on instagram account

Reservation process : after completion of payments, the diploma’s group link will be sent to you in your email address within 24 hours

Certificates : will be issued within 7 days after completion

About our certificates

Thanks you for choosing Decor Arabia

  • Date : 31/1/2023 - 9/3/2023
  • Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm (Asia/Riyadh)
  • Reg. Deadline : 31/1/2023
  • Venue : Online live stream - Zoom

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