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January 27, 2021 CEO

Free Home decoration Consultations series – Part 1 – Paint

When you are about to start your home paint, it is important to understand paint materials and specifications.

Free home decoration Consultations series – Part 1. – Paint

While choosing your home’s paint you should consider your design styles, durability and technical execution.

Paint Materials

There are many paint materials categories. The common categories can be used in your home interior decoration are, oil base and water base materials.

 Water base paint materials. contain acrylic substance in it’s composition. This substance gives elasticity to the paint layer when it dries. This elasticity is useful to avoid the minor cracks that normally take place due to shrinkage. Also, it dries faster on wall.

Water base materials, are diluted with water and can be easily cleaned with water ( the washable types ). Also, it doesn’t have bad smell while application. Also, you can get any degree of color you are looking for with wide glossiness varieties. And, it can be applied with many methods for different surface touch and designs.

So, for general use, you can go for this type of paint for your walls and ceiling ( some designs can be applied only with oil base paint materials specially in classic designs ).

Oil base paint materials. This category of paint materials, only be diluted with thinner. It takes more time to dry, have odor smell while application. It can be cleaned easy with water ( the washable types ). Also, you can get any degree of color you are looking for with wide glossiness varieties. And, it can be applied with many methods for different surface touch and designs.

This Category will fit well for wood and metal. Also, will be used for walls and ceiling for some designs that requires more time in application ( as it dries slower ).

In the middle east region, jotun materials are one of the best choices. Also, Al Jazeera company provides products with good quality.

Surface Touch

You can choose smooth, semi-smooth and rough surface. And your contractor will use the required tool to do the job. Here, it comes to three main factors. Your decoration style, your preferences and your wall’s plaster condition ( which is very important ).

The design consideration : Some design styles requires smooth finish and vice versa.

The preferences consideration : Some people like smooth walls and vice versa.

The surface condition : For perfect surfaces like plaster, gypsum and plaster boards, you have no limitation in this point. But, If you have a low quality plaster wall, don’t go for a super smooth surface. It will expose your walls’ defects. According to your surface condition, choose the degree of smoothness that covers the defects. And, make your wall look nice.


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Normally, selection of colors occurs due to your colors mood board. So, if you are in this stage, it means you have completed this job. One important factor that I’d like to mention here which is the appearance of your color in your home’s lighting conditions. The visibility of your wall color is has many shades according to the lighting conditions. ( in a darker lighting condition you will see your color darker and vice versa, so consider it ).

Execution Of Paint


The method statement of painting process is very important. High quality materials with unprofessional application will result in unsatisfactory results.

Surface sanding : Is very important before you start application. Then cleaning of surface, to get ripped off of dents and dust. ( otherwise it will mix with the sealer and primer layers ).

Putty coats : Allow each coat to dry well, and make sure that your wall is been sanded well before the application of finishing coats.

Under & final coats : Make sure that your paint materials diluted according to the manufactural instructions. to achieve the optimum coverage ratio.


According to your design style and surface condition. You can choose the right paint materials. And, it is really important to choose a professional contractor to do the job for you. As, you will spend money which is an investment.

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Free home decoration Consultations series – Part 1. – Paint

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Engineer Mohamed El Refaei, Founder and CEO of Decor Arabia

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