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November 18, 2020 CEO

How To Get Started As An Interior Designer

No doubt that being an interior designer is one of the most interesting jobs you can do in your life, you can start it now, even if you have no previous experience.

How to get started as an interior designer?, if you think it’s that much difficult, my answer will be No, it’s not. Before we discuss how to start this wonderful journey, let me tell you frankly, there is one essential tool should have which is, sense of art.  if you have it this article is for you.

To have a clear vision of how to get started as an interior designer. You should know what exactly an interior designer do, so that you can know how to do it.

Article content :

  •   What does an interior designer exactly do.
  •   Interior partitioning
  •   Color mood board
  •   Interior Design Materials
  •   Understand Your Clients Needs
  •   Modeling
  •   How to get started as an interior designer

To understand How To Get Started As An Interior Designer. We have to know at first what does an interior designer exactly do.


Interior Partitioning

how to get started as an interior designer, كيف اصبح مصمم أو مصممة ديكور


An interior designer. will make the interior partitioning of a space dividing it into spaces according to the project’s requirements. Here I’m talking about areas, and to do this job you should at first understand in deep, the future usage of this space. Is it an apartment or a villa?, or a restaurant or even a kids area.

According to the nature of a project, and after a discussion with your client about his/her requirement and budget ( there are some other factors to discuss, but let’s make it easy for now), you will start to divide the space into partitions or rooms, the area of each partition depends on furniture and required free spaces for persons movement, so here you should know the standard dimensions of various types of furniture.

You are asking now, how can I know this dimensions?, here you have two options, this first one is that you will use a ready made furniture items, for example you will get it from IKEA, simply visit their website of their local store and you can select your items and they will provide you with  the dimensions you need, then you can use it in your design.

The second option, is to make a deal with a trusted manufactural to craft your designed furniture, this option is more flexible, but you will have to know the standard dimensions of different furniture styles, and just design your space according to it.

To know the standard dimensions, you can learn it from many websites such as PinterestHouzz, as examples or attend a professional furniture design course.

Color Mood Board

how to get started as an interior designer, كيف اصبح مصمم أو مصممة ديكور


For every interior design, we select a color mood board. as an example. When we go for a cloths shop, we may select black T-shirt with a dark blue jeans and white shoes. And we may match white T-shirt with blue jeans and white shoes. When you select your watch with this match, we may select black one. Or green one, which will look perfect if your shoes has a touch of the same green color.

But, if go for white T-shirt, blue jeans, red shoes and brawn watch. You will feel something wrong, this is a simple example for color mood board. To prepare a color mood board, select matching colors list and  don’t make it long, Now you are asking yourself how can I learn color matching techniques?. The first thing is what I have mentioned in the first paragraph (sense of art). Now you have to enhance it buy browsing decoration websites like Houzz and Pinterest. Also, have a regular look on paint manufactures catalogues like Jotun, they will provide you with some guides and they update their catalogues regularly.

Let’s consider wall colors as an example:

When we are talking about colors, you should know that we can see a certain color in different shades according to the light temperature. For example, if you have a white color wall with a white lighting color you will see it white, but if your interior light color is warm, you will see it off-white, and the degree of this off-white will vary according to the warm light temperature. Light temperature can be defined in terms of Kelvins, for each Kelvin number a light color. To know more color temperatures, you can visit Philips website. Also, the light intensity affects a wall color, the more intense your light is, the lighter color you will see.

You are asking now, How can I imagine the final color for a wall with a certain light color. Actually, it needs professional analysis. But you can use 3D modeling software like Revit or 3D max make the required analysis.

Interior Design Materials

how to get started as an interior designer, كيف اصبح مصمم أو مصممة ديكور


To be an interior designer, you will have to know about materials. When you do an interior design, you have to define the materials such as wall paper – textile – paint- floors – lighting – wood as examples. So you have to be aware with materials specs.

Let’s consider floor materials as an example:

When you define your floor materials in a project, you will consider the usage of the space, if you are designing a restaurant, you will consider traffic, so you should select a durable material such as porcelain, granite or epoxy for example. But if you are designing a kids bedroom, you will consider safety so, you may go for wooden floor, and if you are designing. And, if we are talking about palace you will consider luxuriousness, so you may go for marble or special wood.

Go to the market. Read more articles, be updated with manufacturers catalogues, and know that daily new and new materials come to market. Again, the same advice that i told you about colors mood board. inspect any place you are in, estimate the age of the design, and you will have an idea about materials quality over time. And, when you notice something you see for the first time don’t pass it, search about it.

Its clear that your client’s budget is considerable, As you may have limitations in your selection of materials, this part is a big challenge, and one of the most important factors you have to be aware of  if you want to be special in your field. Most of your clients will tell you i want the best quality with the least possible cost.

To know about materials, you have to learn from an expert, because some materials causes problems to clients over time. The expert knows it from experience. Another important note here is that, in some projects you will design and build. In such  projects, you will offer a warranty to your clients, so if you are not full aware about materials, you will lose money and reputation.

Understand Your Clients Needs

how to get started as an interior designer, كيف اصبح مصمم أو مصممة ديكور


Being as an interior designer, you will deal with clients and you have to make the deal. You should negotiation, marketing and social skills. For example, when you are making the deal with your client, he will negotiate your cost and will tell you that X-company offered my cheaper price. Here you are in a situation in which you should know Marketing, as you have to give him reasons why your price is higher and  you should know others services so that you can compare and win. Other thing I want to tell you about from my experience. People want to feel that they are really getting more that they are paying for, so offer free services to your client such as warranty – maintenance contract for a certain period and so on.

Know that your client is the best marketer for your services, so make him/her satisfied and happy offering the best possible services.


In the early stage of your project, all your design is in your head. Now, you have to expose it to your client, so you have to learn 2D and 3D modeling. Exposing your design to your client is essential for many reasons.

  • You should see what you have designed, so that you may have add on or even modifications.
  • Avoiding any conflict with your client in the future.
  • Marketing and branding.
  • The contractor will need a shop drawings to execute the design.

You will need to learn 2D modeling software like Auto Cad and 3D modeling like Revit or 3D max.

how to get started as an interior designer

After we have discussed what does an interior designer do. Now I will give you the clear guide to cover each requirement.

  • To learn interior partitioning you will need to know basic of math. like dimensions, areas and volume concepts .
  • To learn 2D and 3D modeling you will need to learn Auto Cad and Revit or other 3D software.
  • For marketing you can go for online marketing courses on Udemy.
  • To know about materials look for an expert.

My advice here, You are investing in yourself and know that you will spend some money. so, make sure that you are contacting a professional person/company as internet is full of unspecialized people.

In this article we have discussed How To Get Started As An Interior Designer



 Online design courses .

 Online design services .


End of article



Engineer Mohamed El Refaei, Founder and CEO of Decor Arabia

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