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January 20, 2021 CEO

Parquet Floors

To have a parquet floor in your house is one of the most elegant floors you may have, but you have to consider some important factors.

Parquet floors are an elegant choice when you are considering your interior design materials, which can be used in both modern and classic designs.

There is a wide range of parquet floors materials that you can use in your interior design. The main two categories are natural wood and manufactured one. Also, a wide range of designs, colors and layouts.

Parquet floor materials

Natural wooden floor.

Natural wooden floors have a special look, touch and feeling. You will never have it with the fabricated ones, even with the most expensive materials. And this type of floors need highly skilled labors and a detailed shop drawings, to have a perfect floor.

A skilled installation team who should take care of the measurements of each wooden piece of your floors measurements, the measurements should be cut exactly as per the shop drawings with sharp edges, any difference in the measurements will lead to either gaps, that will be filled later with a filler material (it looks really ugly and will destroy the look of your floor), or design, which will to a bad result.

The skilled team of painting should take care of sanding, Actually sanding of the wood face is really important. With an un appropriate sanding, you will see some scratches on the wood after the painting process. And, to repair it, you will not be happy with the required action. Also, you have to choose the right materials to paint your floor (sealer, colors and final coat).

If you are doing your project in a hot weather, you should be careful. don’t expose your new wooden floor to a high temperature. And, to achieve it you have two options, the first one , is to execute your project in lower temperature season, the second one it to make sure you have an air conditioner in your place.

 Type of wood. There are many types of wood can be used in your project, to choose the right one, make sure your wood offers good bearing resistance, nice natural pattern that matches your design style, and it is really important to make sure that your wood is dry before installation. If the wood contains humidity, it will shrink  later, which causes unwanted cracks.

Underneath your floors. Make sure that a sound resistance system exists. Also, a simple humidity insolation is there.

End Expansion joints. Expansion happens, so make sure to have expansion joints at the ends of you floor (below the skirting), to avoid unwanted cracks.

Skirting.  Skirting is very important in your floor’s design, and it affects the final look of your floor. Consider the above factor for it.

Fabricated wooden floors.

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Actually, there are many types of manufactured parquet floors materials such as MDF, HDF, Porcelain and Ceramic.

HDF and MDF. This kind of materials is made from wood fiber extracted from chips and pulped wood waste. The difference between the MDF and HDF is the first letter, which refers to the density (high and medium). This kind of materials is widely used nowadays. As, it looks nice with a variety of colors and designs. Also, you will find fire rated HDM and MDF.

Cleaning of this floors is easy, a semi-wet cloth will do the job. While some products need special detergent that you can find it easily.

The main enemy for this kind of parquet material is water, so use it in a dry area. So, I recommend it in bedrooms and living rooms. Also, be careful while moving your furniture over this kind of parquet floors, as it can be scratched.

This parquet floor material has an advantage. If you get some damaged pieces, you can replace it. So, make sure to have a few spare quantity while purchasing.

One more advantage of this kind of material is the wide variety of colors and face shape designs due to being a fabricated material. In fact, with some colors will totally lose the advantage of the wood feeling. For example, the blue color of this material will look totally fabricated.

Porcelain and ceramic. These materials will give you make your floor look like wooden floor. But with a cold feeling. So, here you lost the advantage of the natural wood warmth. But, you will gain some advantages like water and scratch resistance. Another advantages is the variety in colors and designs (as we have mentioned in the previous paragraph).

How to choose the right material for your parquet floor?

If your design style is a luxurious one, I prefer the natural wood. But, make sure you can get a professional designer to get it designed well. Decor Arabia provide this service with high quality.

The second important thing is to have a professional contractor for execution. Decor Arabia provides a professional course for this topic which you can request online plus consulting services when required.

If your design style is classic or modern. You can choose between the natural and the fabricated parquet floors considering the conditions included in this article.

If you are looking for a budget parquet floor materials, go for the fabricated materials.

Colors mood board.

Take into your consideration your colors mood board, and make sure that you choose the colors matching your designed pattern.

Advanced design tip. You can mix between two materials in your floor like wood and marble for example. In the case of materials mixing, it is very important to make expansion joint between them. As they have different expansion factors.


After we have discussed the parquet floors in this article. There is important factor I want to mention which is investment. To do your project, It will cost you money, time and effort. So, before you start make the required feasibility study. Is it your life time home?. Or, you are planning to rent it?. and, selling it is a third option. If you are doing it for commercial purpose, be aware with the market and your potential clients requirement. This case is opposite to the case that it is your own home.

For any questions you are welcome to leave your comment or contact the company. Thank you for your time


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Engineer Mohamed El Refaei, Founder and CEO of Decor Arabia

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