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July 26, 2021 CEO


This is a timed quiz. You will be given 2280 seconds to answer all questions. Are you ready?


Lighting intensity measurement unit is :

دورة في تصميم الديكور 10
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What you can see is :

دورات أونلاين بشهادة 10
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Any of the following spaces requires more light intensity ?

دورات بشهادة في التصميم 10
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Light intensity is the magnitude of light energy per unit of area.

New classic style, we consider :

دورات السعودية 10
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The furniture in the new classic stylr is is not very modern but still trendy today.

We can use AutoCAD software to prepare :

دبلومة التصميم الداخلي 10

Please select 2 correct answers

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AutoCAD software can be used for 2D and 3D modeling.

Any of the following interior design styles tends to use symmetric designs ?

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Symmetrical interior design is used to achieve balance and order within a layout.

For kitchen's sink, the healthier material is :

دورات تصميم داخلي 10
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Surface absorption coefficient.

Any of the following light temperatures in (K) is a warm one ?

دورات أونلاين 10
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Lighting temperature refers to the color that is produced by a light source at a specific temperature.

Is it a modern design style ?

دورات مجانية 10
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If you need to add a brick wall to your project, you need to contact :

دورات هندسية 10
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Vertical loading.

Any of the following colors reflects more light :

Finishing Materials 10
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Not only about interior design.

Lighter ceiling color, darker walls and dark floors technique, may be applied in :

دورات ديكور 10
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In narrow and low ceiling height spaces, we consider some techniques in colors selection.

In classic interior design, we tend to use :

شهادة ديكور 10
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Classic interior design style can give a touch of elegant beauty.

Any of the following heights in (cm) is most suitable for the power outlet of a kitchen hood ?

دورة تصميم مطابخ 10
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The power outlet should be behind the hood.

Modern interior design styles tend to be :

شهادة معتمدة (2) 10
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Less is better.

The average height of a kitchen's countertop in (cm) is :

دبلوم تصميم داخلي 10
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The hight from the finish floor level till the surface level of a countertop.

Colors mood board contains :

دورات تصميم داخلي و ديكور 10
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Creating a mood board is a great way to visualise how the final room will look.

Is it a shabby chic design style ?

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Shabby chic interior design is most devoted to women.

The light inside the closet is :

Dressing rooms design course 10
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Failed. You did not pass  the INTERIOR DESIGN TEST EXAM and not eligible for a certificate. To test again  click here

شهادة دبلوم تصميم داخلي

Congratulations. You have passed the INTERIOR DESIGN TEST EXAM and eligible for a certificate. To request your certificate click here.

شهادة دبلوم تصميم داخلي