Execution Of Interior Finishing Works / QS and BOQ Diploma

For Engineers & Designers


This Diploma Includes:


A professional diploma for interior designers who want to learn Execution of interior finishing works, executive QS and preparation of BOQ.

This diploma includes:

  • Execution of luxurious interior finishing work and MEP works.
  • Executive materials calculation.
  • Preparation of BOQ.

The course is been taught in Arabic language. And, English language can be requested on demand.

A certificate will be issued within 7 days after course completion.

You'll learn

Execution of luxurious interior finishing and decoration.

Execution of internal water lines.

Execution of low voltage air conditioners works.

Materials calculations.

Preparation of BOQ.

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Execution of interior luxurious finishing works

Online design courses

Understanding Arch. drawings Execution of walls.

Execution of plaster works.

Execution of painting works.

Execution of wall paper and wall decoration works.

Execution of marble and granite works.

Execution of ceramic and Porcelain works.

Execution of doors and windows.

Execution of false celling works.


Executive materials quantities calculations & BOQ

Finishing Materials

Calculation of :

Walls and plaster materials.

 Painting and wall paper materials.

Marble and granite Materials.

Ceramic and Porcelain materials.

Doors and windows.

False celling materials.


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