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Architectural Shop Drawings Diploma Course

For Professionals


This Diploma Includes:


A professional Architectural Shop Drawings Course. This professional course is well designed only for professionals, who wants to learn professional detailing of architectural projects and preparing a complete set of drawings ready for execution. The course includes learning of preparation of architectural shop drawings plans and sections.

The course is been taught in Arabic language for groups, and my be taught in English upon request.

A certificate is issued within 7 days after course completion. 


You'll learn

Preparation of professional architectural shop drawings ready for execution.

Cross sections detailing.

Elevations detailing.

Plans detailing.



Course's Contents

Preparation of Architectural Shop Drawings

Architectural shop drawings diploma

Specs sheet.

Drawings coding system.

Floors plans of marble, granite, porcelain and Parquet.

Ceiling plans for gypsum boards and corniche.

Sections & elevations.

Wall sections and details.

Interior elevations & details.

Wall lighting elevations.

Electrical sockets elevations.

Ceiling lighting plans.

Sanitary Axis plan.

Walls construction plan.

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