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Interior Design Diploma

For Beginners


This Diploma Includes:


A professional Interior Design Diploma For Beginners . This professional diploma is well designed only beginners who  want to learn interior design from scratch to start their own business .

The diploma includes interior and decoration design, 2D and 3D modeling, Photoshop, marketing, business setting up, pricing, dealing with clients and how to get existed in the market.

The diploma is been taught in Arabic language for groups, and my be taught in English upon request.

A certificate is issued within 7 days after course completion. 

The diploma’s cost can be paid in installments.

You'll learn

Learning interior design and decoration.

Learning 2D, 3D and photoshop modeling.

Learning finishing materials.

Learning how to start your business.

Learning how to set your services pricing.

Learning marketing.

Learning materials quantities calculations.


Diploma Contents

Interior and decoration design

دبلومة التصميم الداخلي للمبتدئين

Engineering concepts.

Dimensions, areas and volumes concepts.

Interior spacing design.

Furniture design and arrangement.

Interior design styles.

Colors mood board design.

Kitchens design.

Toilets design.

Bedrooms design.

living rooms design.

Maids rooms design.

Lightings design and calculations.

Electrical design.

Water lines design.

Sewage design.

Air conditions design.

Entrance halls design.

Marble and granite floors design.

Parquet floors design.

Porcelain design.

Standard dimensions.

Painting and wall paper design.

Decorative 3D panels design.

TV walls design.

Curtains and carpets.

Doors and windows design.

False ceiling design.

Accessories .

2D - 3D - Photoshop modeling

دورة التصميم الداخلي من الصفر

2D plans modeling.

3D projects modeling.

Photoshop modeling.

Business requirements

دورة التنفيذ العماري

How to start your business.



Business setting up.

How to deal with clients.

Upcoming Courses